Tensioning Washer - Technical information

Tensioning washers can be stacked in series and/or parallel. Used like disc springs. Series stacking increases the available deflection of the spring stack and parallel stacking increases the force. The desired installation is as near flat as possible. Spring force as below.

If required, untreated spring washers can also be supplied direct from the factory. Spring washers in custom sizes and special materials, e.g. stainless, acid proof, phosphor bronze or Nimonic 90, can be produced upon request.

New dimension in stainless material
Now we have the following dimensions in stainless material too:
M4 (S4668), M5 (S4669), M6 (S4670), M8 (S4672), M10 (S4673) & M12
(S4674), All are made of high-alloy stainless materials that can withstand the high stresses that the discs are exposed to.
Material: EN10151-1.4568 (Sandvik 9RU10)