Extension spring with turnable bolt

Extension springs with normal loops should not be used for up to more than 60% of the permitted load, as the loop of the spring is weaker than the rest of the spring. To be able to use the spring to its maximum without running the risk of breaking loops, you can use either the SF-DFX series (see previous pages) or this series of extension springs with turnable tapered screws, which can be mounted directly in a threaded bore or fitted with an end mounting.

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  • All measurements are in mm

See "full-screen" models of the springs and download a PDF file of the designed compression, tension or torsion spring!

Lesjöfors configurator for compression, tension and torsion springs allows you to design a spring based on your demands. Our CAD configurator stretches from wire diameter 0,1mm up to 15mm.

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Cat.no Dt De L0 c 3D CAD
6458 2,5 24 235 0.5
6474 3 23 245 1.4
6480 3 28 245 0.7