4215: G10

End fittings are sortd primarliy according to internal threads, choose the right treads for the

right type of gas spring.
M4-Fits all of our 12-4 gas springs
M6-Fits all of our 15-6 and 18-8 gas springs
M8-Fits all of our 22-10 and 28-14 gas springs
Several of our end fittings exist in stainless material.

Note that the picture is just a guideline for the dimensions. The end fitting can have a slightly different shape. For additional information see our catalogue on our homepage. 

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Dimensions and characteristics
Part number 4215
Mtr Standard
d1 8
Tillåten utökad längd för dynamisk belastning
Ange L1:
  • F (Fjäderkraft) =   00.00   Newton
  • S (Avböjning ) =   00.00   mm