Technical information

Read more about Lesjöfors´ technical information on the group's joint website; production, materials, spring forming, heat treatment, grinding, shot peening, pre-set and force testing, surface treatment, labelling and packaging, quality assurance and quality - environment.

Lesjöfors has manufactured coil springs since 1852 and today the group has 14 manufacturing plants, each of which is specialized in their own market and product line. We produce all kinds of springs except plastic- and rubber springs. The thickness varies between about 0.05 and 3 mm and the wire/rod diameter between 0.03 and 65 mm.

The material is chosen according to use and the demands placed on the spring. Cold drawn wire is commonly used for uncomplicated springs and normal temperatures. Copper alloys are often used for contact springs with high standards of resistivity. Stainless material is often used for difficult environments. Tungsten is used for certain medical components. Hardened steel is used for rougher spring materials and so on.

You can find the remaining information on our homepage.