5861: CS 0,63X4X9,6

All dimensions are in mm
Dt = Wire diameter
Dm = Mean diameter
Lo = Unloaded length
nt = Total number of coils
Po = Pitch
Ln = Permitted loaded length for dynamic load
Fn = Spring force in Newtons at Ln
R = Rate
Lst = Solid length = Dt x nt
s = Deflection
Coiling: Right hand

Dt 0.20–10 = EN 10270-1-SM
Dt 12–14 = EN 10270-1-SH

You can find information about tolerances for our springs if you follow this link.

Max. working temperature:
EN 10270-1 = 120 °C

Springs with Dt ≤ 0.4 do not have ground end coils, others have 3/4 end coils ground. Springs with Dt ≥ 2.0 are shot peened. Static loaded springs or springs with a low number of intended load deflections can be allowed to be scragged to solid length (Lst). A certain relaxation (load loss) will then appear.

1 kp = 9.80665 Newtons, 1 Newton = 0.10197 kp

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