8662: TF 5X35

The fitting can also be used for compression springs, where the end coils are not ground. Special manufactured springs with two tightly wound coils at each end must then be ordered.

All dimensions are in mm
Dt = Wire diameter
De = Outer diameter
D1 = Diameter, bottom of thread
D2 = Diameter, thread
L = Length
A = Thread
Material: Automatic steel
Finish: Galvanised and yellow chromated

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Thread fitting

Dimensions and characteristics
Part number 8662
Dt 5
De 35
D1 25
D2 29
L 18
A M10
Tillåten utökad längd för dynamisk belastning
Ange L1:
  • F (Fjäderkraft) =   00.00   Newton
  • S (Avböjning ) =   00.00   mm