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3d Cad

Lesjöfors CAD service

With a few exceptions all of our springs are available in our on-in webshop as 3D-CAD models. Visit our section at Solid Components to partake of our entire CAD service. In our webshop is the possibility to download chosen item in desired CAD format.

More than 9000 3D CAD-models through Internet
There is now the possibility to generate complete 3D CAD models for free for around 9000 of our standard springs directly through Internet. Download of CAD-models assumes that you have a CAD application installed in your computer. You can choose between a variety of formats.

All CAD-models are as basis posted in free unflexed position. Our CAD support also includes a configurator which presents the model in the length you wish, compressed or extended, and for torsion springs in the arm position desired.

Possible problems with downloading models
Problems when downloading CAD-files or other documents from the Internet are probably due to security settings, "firewalls" or the security policy that applies to your company. In that case we recommend that you contact the person who is network- and/or security responsible at the company to resolve this.  Lesjöfors Gas & Stock Springs can not be held responsible for the consequences, direct or indirect when using our digital product catalogue or the files provided by us. Free CAD-files is a service provided by us to help to increase our customers' CAD development and efficiency. Usage is however entirely under one´s own responsibility.

This way you download CAD-models

1. Visit:
Click on this link to our 3D CAD service which opens in a new window.

2. Choose the item or the search area:
Text, item number or name, If you know the right item number, select this. Otherwise, select text or title and article from there.
The item type´s introductory page with information is displayed first and from there you can scroll to the right item.

3. Choose CAD format
Click on the 3D CAD-icon for chosen item and you will receive a number of CAD-formats to choose between.
If your CAD-program isn´t in the list we recommend that you choose one of the neutral formats available, Step, Parasolid or Iges.
The download typically takes between 10-30 seconds, depending on the spring type and communication connection.

General configurator for designed springs:
Lesjöfors configurator for compression, tension and torsion springs gives you the possibility to design a spring to your own preferences. Feel free to contact us for force calculation, life span calculation, delivery times, prices, or if you have other questions about springs.
This link will take you to our 3D CAD service which opens in a new window. To get to the configurator, choose Custom in the product overview in the left column.